Steelhead Vineyards wants you to know what information is collected and how it is used when you visit our website, as described in this Privacy Policy.

Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”)Any information that can be used to identify you is considered personally identifiable information or PII. This includes your name, physical address, e-mail, phone number, fax number, and credit card information.

Browsing InformationInformation we collect about your activities on our websites through the use of technology such as cookies and web beacons, both described below, is referred to as browsing information. This browsing information is linked to an anonymous IP identifier and not to you personally and is not considered PII.

Information You PostAll information that you share about yourself, whether PII or not, in a public open forum – on a social network, in user-generated content elements of our websites, etc. – will be considered public information for the purposes of this policy.

When you interact with our website information may be collected in several different ways. When you provide your name and address in connection with a purchase, we collect your PII to process the transaction. It may also be collected passively or automatically when you visit and move around on our websites through the use of cookies and web beacons that capture your browsing information to facilitate your activities on our website.

We primarily use information collected on our website to offer you the products and services you see on our website and to help us analyze our websites, services and offerings.

We do not share your PII with third parties other than as described in this privacy statement. We will get your consent first if at any time we would like to share your PII with other third parties.

With your PII – like the information you give us to fulfill an order or sign up for an online offer or contest – we will always give you the right to change or correct your information and the choice of not hearing from us again. There are several ways you can control our use of any submitted PII in connection with promotional communications.

If you receive email communications from us and want to opt out of receiving such communications in the future from that brand, you can opt out by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the promotional email.

If you have any difficulty managing your communication preferences, please email

Because cookies and web beacons are the technology generally driving collection of browsing information, you can also block cookies to control data collection. You can typically do so through your internet browser. For instructions, check your browser’s technical information. Preventing your browser from accepting cookies may disable or interfere with shopping features on our website and other sites that you may visit. For example, cookies allow us to hold your shopping cart selections when you navigate away and then return to the order page. Cookies also allow us to recognize you as an account holder when you return to our sites. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. We recommend that you leave cookies “turned on” so we can offer you a better shopping experience on our sites.

We keep your PII confidential and will not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer any of your PII to any other outside parties without getting your consent first. “Outside parties” do not include companies owned by or affiliated with Steelhead Vineyards or our trusted partners who help operate and provide services on our websites.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please send an email to; call us on; or write to us at:

Steelhead Vineyards
455 Devlin Road
Napa, CA 94558
Phone: 415-385-0906  

If we modify this Privacy Policy, we will post the revised Privacy Policy on this website. We also may post a notice on this website or send an email describing the changes if the policy changes in any material way. You should check this website regularly to see if any recent changes to this Privacy Policy have occurred.

A “cookie” is a computer file that acts as an identification card for your computer. When you visit our website, unique cookies are placed on your browser. The purpose of the cookie is to distinguish your browser from all other browsers that visit our sites. By recognizing your browser, we can serve you better. For example, the cookies allow us to hold the selections in your shopping cart when you navigate away from the order page and then return to complete the order; because of the cookie, you don’t have to start over with your shopping. We can also keep track of what pages of our website your browser visited and whether you purchased a product. That way we can measure such things as how effective our advertising campaigns have been. Working with third-party advertising companies, the use of cookies also enables us to provide you with customized banner ads that we think will be more useful than randomly-generated ads because they are based on your past purchases and page visits to our sites.

When you visit our e-commerce sites, web beacons will recognize specific cookies that have been placed on your browser. Web beacons can convey information that a browser with a recognized cookie has accessed a page or a certain part of a page on our website, depending on where the web beacon is located on the website. For example, a web beacon located on our purchase confirmation page will record that a browser with a recognized cookie accessed that page which means that we can conclude that the browser was used to purchase a product. The web beacon does not, however, tell us that you specifically (by reference to PII) have purchased a product because the cookie is only the browser’s identification card; it is not your personal identification card.

We use web beacons to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and to improve our websites by seeing what pages are visited and whether those visits result in purchases. Web beacons also allow third-party advertising companies we work with to select and serve banner advertisements to your browser that you would be most likely to be interested in.